Packaging for decorative cosmetics




New oval line of bottles


New oval bottles line 50-150 and 225 ml capacity.

Available in PE-PP-PVC,with neck 18/415,24/410 .

Pump,flip top and skrew caps are availebles with different shapes.

Decoration with selk skreening

Minimum quantity 5.000 for each item.

Madeira 1

Oval bottle with 50 ml. capacity.

Available in PE-PP- PVC.

Closure by sphere or by pump.

Silk skreening decoration available or label.

Minimum quantity 5.000 units

Madeira 2

Oval bottle with 150 ml. capacity

Available in PE-PP-PVC

Sphere and pump  different closures available

Silk skreening decoration available

Minimum quantity 5.000 units

Madeira 3

Oval bottle with capacity.

Available in PE-PP-PVC

Cap with sphere shape and different pumps.

Silk skreening decoration available.

Minimum quantity 5.000 units