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SR134 Compact Dream - Compacts - Dream


SR134 Compact Dream

Square compact container with push button opening.




This container is produced with the technology of double injection moulding therefore the border of the base can be made of a different colour or material ,than the base. This way we obtain an aesthetic effect in case of a different colour or a very nice feel to the touch if we use a soft material like for example rubber.The opening is by button which is produced all in one piece with the inside. The lid can be fitted with a mirror, or otherwise may have the base coloured and the lid transparent. The insert snapped in the base is produced in different versions like 59 mm for compact powder, diameter 59 mm for blush or duo eyeshadow. The lid is decorated by hot stamping. The materials used are SAN, polystyrene or ABS.

Base, lid and insert are supplied separately.

Minimum quantity 5.000 pcs.