Packaging for decorative cosmetics


2003-67 - Compacts


Container for compact powder.


This container, usually called refill for compact powder, is produced with diameter 59 mm or 67 mm. The lid is available in 3 different shapes: flat, convex or convex with border. These are identified with the letter C for the flat shape, B for the convex and D for the convex with border. Different inserts can be fitted in the base so as to use it also for blush and duo eyeshadow. Lid and base can be produced in polystyrene, and SAN and transparent or coloured.

Personalization occurs automatically with the process of hot stamping. Being this article produced and decorated automatically it is a particularly low-priced. The closure between lid and base is by pressure thus easy to open and close.

Minimum quantity is 5.000 pcs for standard colours and 10.000 for special colour as by sample.