Packaging for decorative cosmetics


90 years spent on beauty's service

Established in 1927, Abbiati & Fabbri during the years has specialized in the production of plastic color cosmetic containers. Today it is considered to be one of the major companies in this field. It is a success based on 2 values which not only have always guided our strategic choices but are also the essence of Abbiati & Fabbri - tradition and innovation. These 2 terms may seem in contrast with one another but in fact have coexisted allowing us to react positively to an everchanging market.

TRADITION  because we never forget where we started from. Right back from the beginning, 90 years ago, we have grown to become the brand name which represents the excellence of  Made in Italy  at international level.What we offer our clients are articles completely produced in Italy, from planning to manufacturing. These are the result of our experience as well as great knowledge of the market that we have developed in all these years. A know-how which enables us to understand and anticipate the client's requirements and support him in each stage from design to production.

INNOVATION  because we firmly believe in research and continuous improvement so as to be always competitive and in the lead. For this particular reason we have recently invested in new premises, larger and more functional. Working spaces have been designed all over again to guarantee maximum rationalization of production processes. This way we can be even more flexible and fast in satisfying the client's demands.  

90 years from 1927, this investment represents an incentive to face the challenge of global markets with renewd enthusiasm, always at the service of the ever increasing number of clients who choose Abbiati & Fabbri.